Softback binding of University of Manchester MSc, MA etc. dissertations

Also for first submission of PhD, MPhil and other Theses

  • The softback form of binding we produce is Channel binding
  • Lettering on the spine is compulsory.
  • Cost is £9.00 per copy, inclusive of lettering.
  • Normally takes 5-10 minutes.
  • The closer to the deadline, the longer the queue....

Current regulations for the University of Manchester state that MSc, MA etc. dissertations can be soft bound in Channel Bind format. Traditional Hardback binding is also acceptable (note that this takes 2-3 days). At U-print.com we offer channel binding because it is very quick, clean and easy. 2 or 3 lettered dissertations can be produced in 5-10 minutes. It is also the recommended format of binding for first submissions of PhD, MPhil and other Theses as it can be easily unbound (by us using the correct equipment) for Hardback binding.

Metalbind has a black spine with a choice of covers and is suitable for up to 300 sheets. (The number of sheets quoted is for standard 80gsm paper and is approximate.)

The spine must be lettered in the following format:

Degree        YOUR NAME        Year

for example:

MSc        JOHN A SMITH        2018

This binding has proved to be very popular since we introduced it in 2001 and we have produced thousands in that time. One of the main benefits of Channel binding is the speed; a document can be bound in a couple of minutes (lettering takes just a little longer). However, as we approach any of the submission deadlines through the year, it is natural to expect that the demand for this service will increase. We have therefore taken several measures to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

We do not offer a personal collection/delivery service for binding. More information is on our Delivery page.

Help us – and help yourself

The most important piece of advice we can offer is:
Do not leave it to the last minute.

We appreciate that this may not be possible due to your individual circumstances but if you plan on having your binding done on the last few days before a deadline, then you must expect to have to wait during busy periods. For fairness, everything is done while-you-wait on a first-come first-served basis; we do not operate a booking system. It is not possible to pre-order anything as we can only measure & bind your document when it is completed. The more students come to us for binding at the same time, then the longer the queue. In recent years, so many students have come to us close to the deadline which has resulted in queuing times of 5 hours or longer. Your binding will normally be completed within minutes of you reaching the front of the queue.

If you want us to print or copy your work, you must also allow time for us to do it. It is impossible to say how long this will take, only that it will get busier as we approach a deadline. Please see our pricelists for colour and mono (black) printing.

If you're not in Manchester

If you are away from Manchester and are unable to return to submit your dissertation, you may find it difficult finding someone locally to channel bind your work. If this is the case, then you can send your work to us and we can do it for you.

      •  If you choose to send a file electronically, then a PDF is usually the most reliable format. Information on sending files to us is on the Send Files page.

  • You can also send us pre-printed copies of your dissertation rather than send an electronic copy for us to print if you prefer. 
    Our postal address is on the Contact page. 
  • Our preferred payment method is by debit or credit card, alternatively postal order. If you send a cheque, we have to wait for it to clear before releasing your work.
    If paying by card, please ensure that you tell us:
    • Name of the cardholder
    • Type of card
    • Long card number (across the middle of the card)
    • Expiry date
    • Issue number (if present)
    • CVV2 security code - the last 3 digits printed on the signature strip
    Please also provide a daytime telephone number in case of problems.
  • If you require you work to be delivered then please contact us to arrange this.

Important facts to remember

  • The maximum number of pages that can be channel bound is 300 for standard 80gsm paper or 240 for 100gsm paper. These figures are approximate as different papers have different thicknesses. If you are likely to go close to or over these limits, you should consider printing on both sides of the paper, which is acceptable. Alternatively, you can split the dissertation into two volumes but this will double the cost of binding.
  • If you need to change the contents after the binding has been done, this is possible subject to a £1.00 charge (£9.00 if a new cover & lettering is required).
  • We offer high speed digital black & white and full colour printing and copying. These services will incur additional costs over that of the binding.