Make A PDF

Minimise problems - Make a PDF

Problems can often arise when printing files - in particular Microsoft Word, Publisher and Powerpoint - created on another computer such as the layout of the document changing. If you use any fonts that are not installed on our computers this will definitely cause problems. Also, you might use a program that we do not have. Therefore if you require printing from a non-graphic file format, i.e. not EPS, JPEG, TIFF, etc, please bring or send a PDF file.

PDFs are not guaranteed to be 100% perfect every time, but they usually are. However, in the rare event that there is a problem with the PDF, we suggest that you bring the original file to us, just in case!

Making a PDF with Microsoft Windows

You may already have software installed on your computer that can create a PDF file such as the full Adobe Acrobat package. Also, Microsoft Office 2007 has an option to export as PDF (download add-in if you haven't already done so). If not, we recommend PrimoPDF. This installs like a printer and works with any program where you can execute the Print command. After selecting PrimoPDF in the list of printers and clicking OK, there will be a short delay while your file is processed; the larger and more complex your document, the longer this will take. You will then be presented with the PrimoPDF screen, as below:

Primo PDF

Please ensure that you select the "Print" option (as highlighted in yellow) to ensure a higher quality PDF is created that is suitable for printing.

It is recommended that you read the PrimoPDF manual for other features.

Please note that recommend this software on an "as-is" basis. Install it at your own risk. We do not offer any support for PrimoPDF nor can we be held responsible for any problems that you might encounter when using it.

Making a PDF with Apple MacOS X

If you use an Apple Mac, you do not need any additional software to make a PDF: you can create a PDF using the normal Print command (Command P). At the bottom of the Print screen, there is a "PDF" button, as shown below:

Mac Print screen

Simply select "Save as PDF..." in the menu to create a PDF.