We recommend printing rather than copying if you have an electronic copy of your work. This will give you higher quality, first generation prints.

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Mono (black-only) copying

Our dedicated and fast mono printer can produce up to 90 prints per minute. Prices are on a sliding scale, starting at 8p each, dropping as low as 2.7p. Paper used is 80gm. A range of thicker papers is available at additional cost. Copies onto A4 transparency are 20p each, or 65p onto A3 (inc. 20% VAT). Pricelist (PDF)

Full colour copying

We have two colour digital copiers. They produce 60 full colour A4 copies per minute, as well as A3 and double sided printing. Prices start at 40p each and drop as low as 16p. Paper used is 80gm. Heavier papers are available at an additional cost. Other papers are also available at additional cost. Transparencies are 75p each A4 or £1.50 each A3 (inc. 20% VAT).Pricelist (PDF)


Student Pricing

We have a special price for students who print with us. Black A4 prints are 5p and Colour A4 prints are 25p.

For bulk printing orders we will adopt our standard pricing where necessary to ensure you get the cheapest price.