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You can use the form below to send us files, one at a time. You should also provide your name, email address and/or phone number and choose from the available options as applicable. These details will be sent to us and we can then process your order. If your file is especially urgent, please phone (0161) 306 3269 or call into

If you send a file with the same name as one previously sent, the older one will be automatically replaced. However, you should make a note in the instructions to this effect to minimise confusion as we receive one email per file.

Minimise problems - Send a PDF

Making a PDF can save a lot of the hassle that people often get when they try to print certain types of files, e.g. Word documents. More information can be found on the Make a PDF page.

Click the "Browse" button to locate and select the file to be uploaded from your computer. Please bear in mind that the larger the file you try to send, the longer it will take so please be patient. You can only send one file at a time. If this is a problem for you, you can archive (zip) them beforehand or consider one of the other options listed on the Send Files page. Please include your email address in order for us to send you a confirmation of receipt.


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For files that are ready to print, we recommend PDF (Acrobat). For other jobs that require a master making up, e.g. business cards or flyers, a graphic file would be better. See the file formats page for more information.

Printing Instructions (optional)

If you want to, you can also specify some of the following options below to help us print the job correctly for you.

Number of Copies: Info We assume one copy if not otherwise specified. For flyers and similar jobs where the finished size is different to the original paper size, please enter the quantity of flyers etc. here, and select the correct finished size below.
Finished Size: Info We can (usually) convert your original A4 document into a flyer, or blow it up to A0. Large posters are printed on 170gsm paper. If you want A6, A6 small or Business Card printed to the edge, you must supply suitable artwork with a bleed - see the flyers guidelines or business card page.

Print type: Info A page with one dot of colour or more is classed as Colour. Mixed means some pages are Black only, some are Colour.

Single or Double sided: Info We assume single sided if not otherwise specified.


Paper: Info Please specify if you require something other than our standard white 80gsm paper. We recommend thicker paper, e.g. 100gsm, if there is a lot of colour on your page(s), especially if you are printing double sided. All papers listed above are white except for coloured papers; if you would like a coloured paper, please specify required colour in the Special Instructions.

Stapled: Info For a single staple in the top corner of the document. This may be free of charge depending on the job itself.

Binding: Info If you select any of the 3 soft bindings, we will use a clear front and black card back unless you specify otherwise in the Special Instructions.

Booklet Fold & Staple:


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When Required: Info Please state a realistic latest date & time for completion. DO NOT put As soon as possible or ASAP. Date/Time cannot be guaranteed so call in or phone (0161) 306 3269 if critical.

    if Other:

Archive for future use: Info We can save your file to be printed again at some point in the future. This service is subject to availability. Please ask if you need long-term storage.

When ready, contact by: Info We will attempt to contact you when your work is ready but this cannot always be done, especially during busy periods. If you supply a mobile phone number, we will as a rule send a text message rather than call you. Note that if we do phone you, the number will be Withheld due to the way that the University exchange works.

If the file you are sending has a mixture of the above options, please specify which pages are which in the instructions below.

Special Instructions: