Send Us Your Files

Minimise problems - Send a PDF

Making a PDF can save a lot of the hassle that people often get when they try to print certain types of files, e.g. Word documents. More information can be found on the Make a PDF page. Please see this list for the programs that we can print from if you are unable to make a PDF.

We have some tips if you need to print a document which contains a mix of colour and black pages.

How to send files to us

Web Upload

Simply choose the file you wish to submit, complete the order form and let us do the rest - click here to web upload to us.


Files can be sent as an email attachment to


If you are a regular customer or wish to send us several files, especially those that are quite large, you could consider signing up with Dropbox. This not only allows you to send files to us (and other people), but also gives 2GB of free storage that you can access from anywhere on the internet. Windows, Mac and Linux users can use Dropbox in the same way that they copy any other files on their computer and also via a web-based system.

You will need to initially register on your own computer but then you can use any computer connected to the internet, and even your iPhone or Android phone. Once you have set up a Dropbox account, create a folder with a distinct name e.g. "u-print Your Name", copy the files that you want printing into it, and then share it with us; use as the email address. You can give us the instructions there and then or maybe put a text file in the folder to tell us what you need. Once you have shared the folder with us, you can put more files in it at any time in the future; just let us know that you have done so and give us the instructions.

Full instructions on how to use Dropbox can be found on their website. The links to Dropbox on this page will give both you and us an extra 250MB of space (limited to the first few people only).

Alternative Methods

You might want to use one of these other web-based systems to send files. If sending more than one file, you will probably find it easier to archive (zip) them first. On a Mac, select the files and control or right click them, then choose Compress x items from the pop-up menu.

  • WeTransfer
  • Use as the recipient's email address. Please note that the above information is provided as is; we have no affiliation with any of these sites and we cannot offer any advice or support on using them.