Soft Binding

We offer three types of soft binding - Comb, Wire and Channel, all produced in-house on a while-you-wait basis. Please note that we do not do any form of thermal, glue or perfect binding.

Channel binding is available with optional gold lettering on the spine which may be a requirement of your School when you submit a report. This binding is also accepted by the University for submission of postgraduate dissertations and theses.

And yes, at £5.80 and ready within 5 minutes, it really is a lot cheaper and faster than the University Library bindery.

Warning! Deadlines

As you will appreciate, when you have a deadline so does everyone else on your course. And at certain times of the year, other courses will have deadlines on the same day - it's a big university. So while the binding itself will only take a few minutes, you may have some queuing to do. Our advice as always is: don't leave it till the last minute!

The types of binding are as follows (click thumbnails for larger photos):

Metalbind channel binding (up to 300 sheets.) - the black steel spine 'clamps' sheets in place. Your choice of covers in clear PVC and card (several colours). Lettering may be added to the spine.
Price: £5.00 plain.

Price: £9.00 with gold lettering on the spine.

Wire binding - sheets are punched and metal rings passed through to complete the binding. Your choice of covers in clear PVC and card (several colours).
Prices from: £3.00 - £4.50
Comb binding - Plastic rings through holes punched into the sheets hold the document together. Your choice of covers in clear PVC and card (several colours).
Prices from: £2.50 - £4.00

The number of sheets quoted is approximate only and based on 80gsm paper. All types of binding have a range of different sized binders and we will select the most appropriate one for each document.

Due to customer requests, we now stock 500 micron translucent polypropylene covers for use with comb, wire and metalbind channel binding. The cost is an additional 12p per cover used on top of the prices above.

Our Guide to Softbinding rates the various features of each type of binding to help you choose the right one for you. Please check your University regulations for specific binding requirements.

Binding is zero rated for VAT purposes.