Hardback Binding



SAME DAY Hardback Binding with Gold or Silver Lettering.



Discover U-Print's new, high-quality hardback binding service!



Now you can have your university or company crest or logo and lettering in gold or silver, foiled onto beautiful black buckram hardback covers on the same day*.

And if black buckram is not right for you, ask us about blue or purple.

Our new same day foil lettered covers are created using the "Metalbind" channel binding system.

*The same day service is subject to availability and workload at the time of order, and a surcharge is payable for this express service.

You can find out prices and / or place your order HERE

Popular options include:

  • If you require this for submission of your thesis or dissertation to your university, please check your regulations to see if they accept this form of binding.
  • We can also produce a Linen finish Binding -  A4 (Portrait) - great as a quick and inexpensive alternative to softback binding, when you want something that looks a lot nicer and will last a lot longer. From £8.00.
  • Another option is White A4 (Landscape or Portrait) Photobooks - with the choice of laminated covers, instantly bind a selection of your favourite photographs. Plain covers: £10.00; one laminated cover £12.50; two laminated covers £15.00 (printing extra, or print it yourself).

Traditional thesis & dissertation binding

Hard binding

We are agents for T Walker & Co. Bookbinders based at Salford University. They offer a 2-3 working day service as standard, with express options also available. This is traditional hardback binding with pages sewn and glued together for extra strength and covered in hard-wearing buckram cloth.

The cost can depend on the regulations of the University you are binding to. Typically the price for Manchester regulations with gold spine lettering only is is £29.50 each. If you require lettering on the front board, the cost is an additional £3.00 per line.

Please note that the binders collect & return bound work to us once a day only in the afternoon (normally by 3.30pm, often before 2.30pm). Our advice is to bring your complete printed work to us by 2.00p.m. to guarantee collection on that day, and to aim to collect from us on the next working day after the expected delivery date to allow for any unexpected delays. If you require any printing or copying, you must allow additional sufficient time to complete and check this before the 2.00pm deadline. You may be able to bring work to us later (i.e. before the binders collect from us) and to collect your binding before we close on the return date however this may not always be possible so please do not rely on this.

We do not offer a personal collection/delivery service for traditional binding. More information is on our Delivery page.

Linen Finish Hardback Channel Bnding

If you want something a bit better than softback binding but do not need traditional hardback binding, then we have instant Linen finish hardback, using the channel binding method. Up to 300 pages (80gsm paper) can be bound in a single volume at a cost of just £8.00 in a matter of minutes. We are also able to letter the spine of the binding for an additional £4.00. It is not possible to letter the front of these bindings. Please see our softback binding page for more details.

Please note that this type of binding is not accepted by The University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University or the University of Salford for their dissertation and thesis submissions which require traditional hardback binding (see above).

Binding is zero rated for VAT purposes.

Also available in Royal Blue and 'University of Manchester' Purple